Yoshop manual for agent

Yoshop Remote

This article describes Yoshop Remote, which allows you to manage your terminal remotely for management in your store.

1) How to connect

To use Yoshop Remote, you can connect by creating a channel at the backoffice and input the PIN of the channel created in the store's terminal..
Follow the steps below to connect.
Agent (https://kz-admin.yoshop.net)
① Access the "Дистанционный сервис" menu in the backoffice.

② You can create a new channel by pressing the "Подключить" button.

③ If the channel does not disappear and remains, you can reset the channel by pressing the "Перезапустить" button.
④ When a new channel is created, a screen like the one above is displayed.
Please inform the user so that the store can enter the number displayed on the screen.
In the case above, it is "9766".

⑤ After input the number into the terminal normally, the terminal's screen is displayed here and you can remotely control the terminal.
① Run Yoshop Remote () on the terminal.

② Input the password using the on-screen keypad.

③ Agents can now see this screen remotely.

2) How to control the device.

After the Remote connection, the agent can use the mouse to operate the screen displayed on the browser..
The following describes only a few features that cannot be operated with a mouse.
① You can send a message to the device. screen
The messages are displayed in the lower part of the device for about 5 seconds.

② You can control the files stored in the terminal.
You can browse and download files on the device, or run them on device.
Files related to Yoshop are located in the "/storage/emulated/0/YoshopPOS" path of the device.

③You can check the terminal's log information.
You can download the terminal log to the agent's PC.
If you need technical support, please download the log file and forward it to our engineer.

④ Execute keystrokes that cannot be operated with the mouse.
The types of commands are from left to back, home, and long press home command.

3) How to control files stored in the terminal

How to control files in the terminal on the agent screen.
If you press the file operation button on the agent screen, the file manager screen is displayed.
You can use this screen to transfer files to the terminal, or to download or run files from the terminal.
① This is the area that controls files on the terminal.
You can navigate through the folders using the mouse in this area.
Select a file and click the right button of the mouse to run or download it using the displayed menu.

② This is the area that sends files from the agent's PC to the terminal.
Clicking the file selection button will open the PC Explorer. You can select files to be transferred to the terminal from the explorer screen.
After that, you can send the file to the terminal by pressing the Send button.

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