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Ibexlab Ltd is a business software solutions provider specializing in creating applications for the Android platform. We work closely with our partners to provide the market with groundbreaking innovative hardware and software products and services that eliminate some of these heinous day-to-day challenges and make work as seamless and intelligent as possible.
We are primarily focussed on developing O2O (offline to online) solutions that work in conjunction with our POS smart system, bringing new opportunities to small and medium sized businesses and their customers. Especially in the realm of digital marketing, where we will be developing technology which

Why Are We The Best?

Our Company Mission

Our goal is to automate any job so that the whole experience becomes as seamless as possible.

Our philiosophy

We believe in 3 things: simplicity, productivity and compatibility. We can tie all three of these things up with Artificial Intelligence. We build systems for the future, making things easier, faster and seamless

The Ibexlab Promise

Ibexlab Ltd is a trusted and reliable provider of innovative products, services and solutions. Our primary focus is to provide our partners with the tools and services to make their business easier, faster and seamless to run. We are dedicated to continuously elevating ourselves through innovation, commitment to quality, and superior customer service and partnership. We will continue to grow and increase our brand globally as we increasingly become competitive by providing the market with more innovative products and solutions.


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    26 Luganskogo street, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan


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