Yoshop POS


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    6 Months

    от 4 500 Per Month
    • from 27,000 ₸. in 6 months
    • 23 400 ₸. 1 outlet
    • 3 600 ₸. 1 employee


    12 Months

    от 2 500 Per Month
    • from 50 400 ₸. in 12 months
    • 44 400 ₸. 1 outlet
    • 6 600 ₸. 1 employee

    Online checkout, POS, Accounting, Analytics in one system

    YOSHOP POS is a comprehensive solution supporting automated store sales management.
    Sales management automation systems are useful no matter the size of your business. You can forecast demand and optimize costs, and accurate figures for your business create opportunities for its development.

    Easy Inventory

    Full automation of your business take inventory at hand.
    - Automatic tracking of sales from POS
    - Real-time inventory report
    - Create a purchase order

    Growth through analytics

    Analyze your store's sales trends and develop strategies.
    You can analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your business by analyzing sales by product and payment method.
    -Real-time store status
    -Analysis of sales by date / time / time interval
    -Check the sales by product

    One System

    It all works like a system.
    You have nothing to worry about anymore.
    Inventory Management
    Sales Management
    Accounting Management
    Business Growth

    How will your personal account help you?

    Increase revenue.

    Keep track of the goods that are in demand with the help of current stocks. This way you can control the availability of hot products in the store.

    Reduce costs

    Avoid overstocking the store with perishable goods. Reports will tell you when it is time to sell illiquid assets and which goods should be discarded.

    User interface

    The back office service is a comprehensive solution that automates a store's business. Manage your inventory and analyze your store's sales using the features we provide to increase your bottom line!

    Any devices

    - All you need is a web browser.
    - You can use it anytime, anywhere.

    One system

    - Yoshop Backoffice is connected to all Yoshop devices and software.
    - From here you can manage all stores and devices.

    Sales analysis

    - All sales in the store are collected here.
    - Using the analyzed information, you can build a strategy and develop your business.

    Track your sales

    - Use the report to see sales trends in your store and promote your business.
    - You can analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your business by analyzing sales by product and payment method.

    Integrate with accounting.

    "coming soon"
    - Integration with accounting system
    - Inventory management support

    Personal Area

    YOSHOP POS is a complex of solutions that automates the work of your business. The solutions we provide will allow you to conveniently maintain inventory records, save time, monitor the work of vendors and increase profits!

    Fast checkout process

    User-friendly interface for various businesses.

    Fast order by barcode, repeat sales of fresh goods.

    Apply discounts and options.

    Easy to use

    Intuitive interface, no special training required.

    Working with KKM

    Integrated with KKM
    (Webkassa add-on)

    Flexible for any business

    Providing sales mode for restaurants, shops and salons.

    Apply to various businesses with simple settings

    Checkout history

    You can manage and retype or cancel your check history.


    Shift you can manage your cash balance.

    Our Solutions

    YOSHOP POS Terminal

    Accepts all types of bank cards. Fixed commission with no turnover requirements. Linking an account of any bank in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Crediting money the next business day.

    150 000 ₸
    Learn more

    Personal Area

    Suitable for managing a convenience store, clothing store, coffee shop, restaurants, pharmacies, etc. Access 365 days a year from any device and from anywhere in the world.

    from 42 000 ₸


    Prints fiscal receipts and accepts cash and non-cash payments. Fast connection and acceptance of all types of payments. Connect!

    from 3 000 ₸
    Learn more

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